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Biogeography of Cnidoscolus
Analysis of complexes of Cnidoscolus
Evolution and taxonomy of Cnidoscolus
Evolutionary history of Euphorbia polycarpa
New species of Euphorbia from Baja California Penninsula (Mexico)
Review of Dalechampia in Colombia
Vines Euphorbiaceae of Sao Paulo state
Taxonomic inventory of Euphorbiaceae from Quindío state (Colombia)

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List of publications
Estudio taxonómico de la familia Euphorbiaceae en el Quindío - Taxonomic study of Euphorbiaceae from Quindío (Colombia)
Lista anotada de las especies de Euphorbiaceae para el Quindío - Annotated list of Euphorbiaceae species for Quindío
Euphorbiaceae. In: Rafaela Compostrini Forzza (org.) Catálogo de Plantas e Fungos do Brasil. 1ª ed.
Euphorbiaceae del Quindío
Euphorbiaceae. In: Wanderley, M.G.L. et al. (eds.) Checklist of Spermatophyta of the São Paulo State, Brazil
Two new species of Euphorbia subg. Chamaesyce (Euphorbiaceae) from Baja California Sur, Mexico and their phylogenetic relationships
ColectoR, a Digital Field Notebook for Voucher Specimen Collection for Smartphones
Evolutionary History and Taxonomy of the Euphorbia polycarpa Complex (Euphorbia subg. Chamaesyce sect. Anisophyllum, Euphorbiaceae)
A Nomenclator of Cnidoscolus (Euphorbiaceae)