Avalible for: Windows

ChecklistBuilder assit to the botanist in the checklist creation, permiting integrate information from a raw database into a printable report with a customizable format and layout. It can be used as a report software but using two columns in the database you can indicate the synonym kind and the valid taxa. Including these last information, ChecklistBuilder can group them using some basic rules. Please see example of code and output format below. It is compatible with any tab separated file database (you can export your Excel database too to this format).

This software is unpublished, If you use it in your work, you can citate it as: C.A. Maya-Lastra. 2014. ChecklistBuilder v.1. Available on:


Download from private repository

List of features:
• Use any Excel or similar database in TAB separated file.
• Use you own fields and information.
• Include synonym information like kind of synonym and valid name and group the list by them.
• Easily export and import report formats.
• Conditional report of some fields.
• Apply bold, italic and other formats to some fields.
• Convert decimal coordenates in DMS format for your final report.
• Save the result as DOC file type.

Example of customizable description


<small>{KindofRelation}</small> <i>{valid_b_valid}{Genus} {Species}</i> {infraClass} <i>{infraName}</i> {infrainfraClass} <i>{infrainfraName}</i>{valid_/b_valid}{*end_autonym*}{valid_b_valid}{Authorw/oabbr}{valid_/b_valid}. {Publication} ({Year}). {*end_homotypic*} <i>Type</i>: <u>{TypeCountry}</u>, {TypeState}: {TypeLocality}, {Latitude}, {Longitude}, {Altitude}. <i>{TypeCollector} {TypeNumber}</i>, {TypeYear} (holotype: {HolotypeHerbaria}; isotypes: {IsotypeHerbaria}).{*all*} <br><b>Notes</b>: {Notes}."


Cnidoscolus aconitifolius (Mill.) I.M. Johnst. Contr. Gray Herb. 3(68): 86. (1923). Type: Mexico, Veracruz. Houstoun 1730 (holotype: BM).
Notes: Negative photo number is 5286 in Bailey Hortorium cited by Breckon (1975). Specimens reported in Ecuador correspond to introduced in Galapago Islands (Guezou et al., 2011).