Avalible for: Windows 98 or later

SinóptiK is an application for Windows 98 or later. It permits perform searches of the Euphorbiaceae found in the Quindío state (Colombia); using morphological characters using helpers like images or text.

It includes all diagnostic characters to define species and use a format of synoptic key where exists 2 or more states to select. In each window the software preforms a query asking for the morphological trait and reduce the pool of species to finally show all information about the remain species. It also includes a tutorial and a help file to guide in the process.

All information contained in this application has as source the bachelor thesis of the author: Inventario taxonómico de la familia Euphorbiaceae en el departamento del Quindío.

Suggested citation:
Maya-Lastra, C. A. 2007. SinóptiK, aplicación interactiva para la determinación de especimenes de la familia Euphorbiaceae para el departamento del Quindío. Colombia.


Download it from my personal repository